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Stompz History

Stompz was a Talaris Technology’s flagship product that enabled users to wirelessly explore their VR experiences and enjoy full body immersion. Talaris Technologies Inc. is proud to be a Sacramento, California-based company.

Stompz had been in development since 2009 and is the creation of Matt Carrell, the inventor, who initially created a virtual reality slidemill for which Stompz was the sensor solution.

Stompz uses simple inertial sensors to determine the step and orientation of the user’s feet in order to simulate walking in virtual reality while keeping the user safe in the real world. We were actively using 2 technologies for its website. These include SPF and Confluence Networks.

There is a lot of confusion among people on the difference between augmented and virtual reality. Though both are animated realities, yet they are much different then each other. And, Stompz focuses only on Virtual Reality enhancement for our customers.

Stompz works with any VR headset, Mobile device, PC, Mac and Linux.

Talaris Technologies had created a Virtual Reality (VR) hardware that solves the next biggest problem facing VR; natural walking.

We provide customers with easy to use, comfortable and competitively priced methods of interacting with Virtual Environments. To integrate instantly with any game, without requiring special development programming. To cultivate a greater sense of presence and create a more immersive and enjoyable Virtual Reality experience.

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