How to watch 3D movies on Gear VR

One of the greatest points ever made by Samsung is their virtual reality headset, a high-end design, offered at a more-than-pocket-friendly cost. And you understand what the coolest component is concerning it? You can also enjoy 3D films on Samsung Gear VR, considering that it’s not just for games!

There are many great ways to view movies on it; however, we wagered that simply a few of you know about all of them! Considering this, we have created an overview of exactly how to view Gear VR 3D movies easily.

Steps to watch 3D movies on Gear VR

Right here are a great deal of wonderful means to watch video on your Gear Virtual Reality. Significant streaming applications like Netflix as well as Hulu are a fingertip away, the Oculus Shop has its very own film purchase service for a great deal of new films, as well as a number of wonderful 360-degree video apps are readily available to download and install. Things almost all of these video apps have in common is the way the video clip exists. It’s nearly all 2D video clip, also the 360-degree things.

That doesn’t mean there’s no 3D video clip available for you to delight in on your Gear VR. As a matter of fact, you have a number of great tools at your disposal for taking pleasure in 3D video clip in both typical movie theater layouts as well as 360-degree viewing. Here’s how you start!

1. Play Locally saved 3D video clip

Play Local 3D video

There are very few video clip applications that allow you to download 3D flicks as well as play them on whatever tool you want. That indicates most of the videos you’ll be viewing in Break either originated from a less-than-legal source, or a 3D home video clip. It’s also feasible that you got the 3D Blu-Ray, ripped and also transformed the video yourself, and also are trying to find a great video clip gamer for the Gear Virtual Reality. Regardless, you’re possibly going to desire the Oculus Videos app to get going.

Your first step is outside of the Equipment Virtual Reality. You need to create a folder for your 3D films, which folder needs to live at/ oculus/movies/3d or/ oculus/movies/360videos relying on what you’re trying to play in the app. Once you have that folder, relocate your videos over to your phone You’ll be able to see the private files from within Oculus Videos.

Steps to Play Locally stored 3D video

  • Create the/ oculus/movies/3d folder on your phone.
  • Move your 3D films from your PC to/ oculus/movies/3d.
  • Open Oculus Videos.
  • Select your motion picture.

Streaming 3D video clip from YouTube

Stream 3D video from YouTube

There are lots of 3D as well as 360-degree 3D motion pictures on YouTube, and you can access every one of them from your Equipment VR! All you need is the Samsung Net application from the Oculus Shop as well as an excellent set of earphones. All you require to know is what kind of 3D video clip you’re looking at. The Samsung Web application identifies these videos in 5 different means.

  • Basic 3D.
  • 180-degree SBS 3D.
  • 180-degree TB 3D.
  • 360-degree SBS 3D.
  • 360-degree TB 3D.

If you’ve never seen several of these summaries before, you’re probably a little baffled. SBS means “Side by Side” and as the name recommends it’s what takes place when the 3D effect is created by revealing you depth from two pictures that get on the left as well as a right of each other. TB stands for “Top-Bottom” which is what takes place when you see a photo with another picture on top of it.

Steps to play a 3D video in YouTube on the Gear VR

  • Select YouTube from the Suggested Links checklist.
  • Look For 3D Video Clips.
  • Faucet results to pick a video clip.
  • Tap the video symbol under the YouTube playback.
  • Select 360.
  • Touch the video icon again.
  • Select the correct 3D from the checklist.

As soon as you choose the proper photo kind, every little thing will enter focus and also the 3D impact will promptly be offered. YouTube doesn’t remember this setting, so you’ll require to establish it every single time you open up the app to play a video clip, but once you have got it set up correctly the experience is incredible.


This is a full guide on exactly how to view 3D motion pictures on Gear Virtual Reality in simply a couple of easy steps. Regardless of the resource of the movie, there’s most definitely a way of appreciating it in an entirely immersive way!

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