Fix: Gear VR Overheating Problem

There are few points rather as discouraging as being in the centre of a remarkable Virtual Reality video game as well as having your phone overheat and closed every little thing down. Gear Virtual Reality can overheat, as well as when it does; it’s never at an appropriate time. Thankfully there are a reasonable couple of manner ins which you can get around this trouble, and we have got the information on them.

If you’re a devoted individual of Virtual Reality on the Samsung Gear VR, then you’ll recognize that getting too hot can be a reoccurring and irritating problem.

While some argue that we must be taking constant breaks, often you just intend to leap straight into the action with no unexpected interruptions. In this write-up, we’re most likely to speak about just how to handle the Gear Virtual Reality getting too hot trouble.

How to Fix Gear VR Overheating Problem?

Prepare for Virtual Reality

1: Charge your phone before jumping into Virtual Reality

Charge your phone before jumping into Virtual Reality

When you charge your phone while playing, your phone is going to warm up considerably. This is especially true if you’re making use of a quick battery charger. So by seeing to it that you’ve obtained as close to a complete battery as feasible before jumping into Virtual Reality, you can make sure you aren’t putting any undue pressure on your gadget.

2: Close added applications

Close extra applications.jpg

When your phone is running numerous apps, it’s working more challenging than if there is just one open point. By shutting every one of the apps that you aren’t using in VR, you can see to it that your phone is just focusing on one thing each time. You can likewise switch on Airplane setting, to help ensure that you aren’t getting constant notifications.

3: Ensure that you don’t have the rear cover attached

While the cover can help if you’re playing in an especially sunny area, it additionally makes it a lot more difficult for your phone to air vent the warmth that is developed when running VR applications. Essentially you’re simply ensuring that your phone has an area to breathe, as well as to air vent off any type of serious warm it may produce.

Once you remain in Virtual Reality

There are likewise a few things that you can do to help with getting too hot as soon as you have opened up Oculus Home up. These are just as little as the precautions we detailed above, as well as will continue to ensure that your phone doesn’t obtain as well hot and also stop working.

1: Switch on ‘Do not Disturb’ mode

Switch on DND mode.jpg

This will certainly make sure you don’t get a pop-up notification each time you obtain a notice on your phone, as well as can be discovered from within the settings menu.

2: Adjust your screen illumination

Adjust screen brightness

A brighter screen is most likely to drain your battery much faster and can contribute to warm accumulation, and also your Gear VR illumination is, in fact, different from the brightness on your phone. To readjust your illumination, head to the menu section in Gear Virtual Reality. You’ll see a slide bar where you can adjust just how brilliant or dim you desire the screen to be.

Take a look at accessories.

If you’re making use of an older version phone, then even with this ideas you may still sometimes run into problems with your phone overheating. If this has taken place to you after that, you might intend to consider picking up an accessory to help you along with your method.

1. Cooling Fan

There are a couple of different cooling fans out there that can be connected to the rear of the phone to help maintain it a little bit cooler. This implies that absolutely nothing cold will be hooked into your follower, so you will not be handling any kind of condensation, yet you’ll still have a cooling factor to help minimize just how fast your phone overheats.

2. Work Desk fan

Your 2nd choice isn’t going to be better than a cooling follower straight on your headset. What you can do is get a desktop, or oscillating fan, and also face it in the direction of you. This may not be an excellent solution given that you may still wind up encountering far from the follower.

With a smaller workdesk follower, you can quickly aim it directly at your phone as well as readjust it correctly before jumping into VR. While it might wind up making a smaller distance if you are playing a game and also spinning around in your chair, it is going to be some major help if you are resting still to see a movie or video.


Have you had issues with Equipment VR getting too hot while you are utilizing it? Did you utilize a specific technique to assist? Professionals suggest that you need to spend no longer than 20 minutes at once in virtual reality, so relax, allow your eyes relax and jump right back in when you and also your phone are ready once more

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